MitoSatPlant: Mitochondrial Microsatellites Database of Viridiplantae



Home Page
It displays a list of organisms, their sequence accession id and frequency of perfect/imperfect SSRs, mono-hexa, identified (Fig 1). The organism name redirects to the taxonomic page and genome sequence accession id to the GenBank format page of respective organism at National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). Selecting frequency leads to detail information page. The tables displayed on any page can be downloaded in excel format by clicking DOWNLOAD link.

Fig 1. Home page of MitoSatPlant.

Detail Page
By default it shows the information of selected repeat type at home page. The information of SSRs (mono-hexa repeat, density, average length etc.) is given on this page (Fig 2). The PCR primers designed can be viewed by clicking on the SHOW PRIMER link (Fig 3).

Fig 2. SSR statistics in respective organism.

Fig 3. Details of PCR primers designed for SSRs.

Selecting frequency of imperfect SSRs either on home page (Fig 1) or on the detail page (Fig 2) displays a SHOW ALIGNMENT link on top right which enables user to view alignment of Imperfect SSR against expected perfect SSR (Fig 4) along with start/end position, repeat motif etc.

Fig 4. Alignment of imperfect and expected perfect SSRs.

Advanced Search Page
This page offers motif, region (coding, non-coding and coding-non-coding) and organism based search of SSRs. The result of advanced search displays a list of motifs fulfilling the search criteria (Fig 5).

Fig 5. Advanced search page of MitoSatPlant.

On selecting a motif (Fig 5) its information can be visualized (Fig 6).

Fig 6. Information of selected motif.


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